A Long Career in Site Clearance

Justin Kingwell has been in the forestry and stump grinding business since 1987, building up a vast amount of experience

During that time, Justin began designing and manufacturing his own forestry machinery, some of which has become industry standard today.

The innovation Justin bought to the industry helped him to form Kingwell Trees Ltd, which later became Kingwell Holdings Ltd. Specialising in site clearance and biomass production, Kingwell has continued to grow, expanding its range of machinery in the process.

It is thanks to this continued growth that Kingwell Holdings has such a huge range of forestry machinery, a separate dedicated hire business has now become viable.

An impressive existing line up of forestry plant includes 5 tracked mulchers, a number of excavators with a selection of heads for a multitude of applications, and some of the biggest grinders and wood chippers available on the market today.

The Kingwell Team

Reasons to choose us

  • Experience

Over 50 years combined experience in forestry management, site clearance, and stump removal

  • Equipment

The largest selection of forestry machinery available for hire in the UK

  • Creativity

We have a solution on hand for everything, and if we don’t, we build it.

  • Reliability

Regularly maintained machinery means breakdowns are few and far between, and when they do happen our staff are always on hand to resolve matters.

  • Stability

With a successful business established over the course of the past 30+ years you can be assured that Kingwell Hire will always be there when you need them.

  • Support

In addition to being on hand to fix any breakdowns, Kingwell Hire are always happy to assist with site clearance pricing, logistics, and general advice.